Daymion Mardel





Born in England, Daymion was withdrawn from primary school by his parents at the age of ten. Traveling by Volkswagen bus, he spent the following year exploring the humanities and arts in galleries and museums of Western Europe. In 1999, Daymion was invited to join the Studio of American Icon, Richard Avedon, where he served as First Assistant and Studio Manager until Avedon’s passing in 2004. In the last two decades, Daymion has been in the forefront of establsihing himself as one of the premier adverstising & commmercial fashion photographers in America. He has been commissioned by a diverse clientele such as Vogue, Tiffany, Revlon, Walmart and Harper's Bazzar.  Known for his branding, precision lighting, and collaborations, Daymion continues to be sort after by a vast, diverse group of retail companies year after year. Presently, Daymion resides in New York City where he is a freelance photographer represented by Art-Dept.